Competition Rules

Please read these rules and regulation carefully.

1. Please fill in your FULL name correctly, IC number, school name, school code and the date and time of contest clearly in the spaces above. Those who do not fill in the required particulars will be disqualified automatically.

2. Do not open the question booklet until you are told to do so.

3. No calculators and any unauthorised electronic devices (including mobile phones) are allowed during the contest.

4. Strict silence must be observed at all times in the examination hall and please be reminded that you MAY NOT leave your seat without permission.

5. If you have any request or enquiry, please raise your hand and wait for an invigilator.

6. Only one candidate is allowed to leave the hall at a time. You are required to return to the hall within 10 minutes or else you will automatically be disqualified from the contest.

7. Each question in the contest have been verified by experienced trainers, thus no further explanation will be given.

8. The time allowed for the paper is 60 minutes. You must stop writing when you are told to do so.

9. You MUST fill in your answer in the answer sheet provided in second page of the question booklet. You will not be awarded marks for any answer written in the question booklet.

10. Please be reminded that this is a contest and not an examination, try your level best to answer all questions within the prescribed time.

11. Please tear off the answer sheet carefully and returned to invigilator along with contest paper. Participant only can bring back the contest papers on next week.

Scoring System

1.The correct answer to each problem will be awarded one (1) point. However, you will NOT be penalised for each incorrect answer.

2.The organizer reserves the right to disqualified the event of malpractice to differentiate between those outstanding students.

3.Contestants or a team who are disqualified from the contest will be forfeited any right to re-sit this year.













11.请将答案卷小心撕下连同赛题交回给监考老师。参赛者可在赛后 一星期取回赛巻。





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