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Topics Covered

(a) Number patterns

Addition patterns, multiplication patterns, patterns and sums

(b) Factors and Multiples

Factors, Primes, GCF (Greatest Common Factor), LCM (Least Common Multiple)

(c) Divisibility

By 2,5,10, and 100, Principle of Sum and Differences, Powers of 2, 3 and 9, combined divisibility, and 7,11, and 13

(d) Fractions

Unit fractions, complex fractions, extended finite fractions, fractional parts

(e) Geometry and Measurement

Squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, perimeter, circumference, area, and geometric patterns

(f) Train, Books, Clocks, and things

Motion, book, work, clock, and related problems

(g) Logic

Cryptarithms, certainty, Venn diagram, whodunits