Guidelines for Invigilator

Please refer to the details below. If you have further queries, please do no hesitate to contact us.

Preparation Guidelines

1. Attached together with this guideline sheet is the Package Check List, Contestant Attendance List, a sample answer sheet and returned envelope/s.

2. Please check all the particulars on the Package Check List attached. If there are any mistakes, please inform the organizers immediately for appropriate action to be taken.
You should provide detailed information when you contact the organizer through telephone line, fax, short messaging or through email.

3. The rules and regulations for the contest are also attached together with this Guideline sheet.
Please inform the contestants of the rules and regulations by displaying it on the notice board or any other ways necessary.

4. The rules and regulations for the contest will be made available online 5 days before the date of the contest.
Please refer to

Before the contest (10 minutes)

1. The contestants are instructed to distance their desk apart. The contestants should put their begs at the back of the hall as they are only allow to bring writing materials with them to the desk.

2. Before the contestants enter the hall, the invigilator should write down on the Whiteboard/blackboard, the school, school code, contest date and time as a reference for the contestants.

3. Please remind the contestants all of the rules and regulations and make sure the contestants fill in their particulars correctly in the given space on the contest booklet.

4. Distribute the contest booklet and demonstrate the correct position to fold along the lines using the sample answer sheet. Please be informed that the contestants are still not allowed to open their contest booklet yet.

5. The time allowed for the paper is 90 minutes(Primary) / 120 minutes(Lower Secondary). You must stop writing when you are told to do so.

During and After the contest

1. Please fill in the Contestant Attendance List.

2. The contestants are instructed to stop writing at the end of the contest. They should remain seated until all contest booklet and any other materials provided have been collected by the Invigilators.

3. The contestants are only allowed to leave the hall after the invigilators have verified that the contest booklet collected match with the number of contestants attended. The contestants are kindly asked to move back their chairs and desk before they leave.

4. Please return ALL contest booklets (includes the contest booklets for those absent and disqualify) and the attendance list in the envelope provided.

5. Please deliver the envelope to the nearest post office or insert them into any YELLOW posting box with the word “POS EXPRES” nationwide within 24 hours.




1. 随这指南将附上赛卷包检查表、参赛者出席检查表、答案栏示范纸及回邮信封。

2. 请检视以上的两份检查表上所列的事项,如有缺失请立即通知MASMO主办单位以便能第一时间进行处理。

3. 指南也附上比赛守则。此比赛守则可张贴于布告栏或其它方式如召集参赛者以向参赛学生 预告参赛守则。

4. 此参赛守则也将在竞赛前5天公布于


1. 请参赛学生把桌椅平均隔开、书包放在后面并准备书写文具,动作要快。

2. 预先以英文将学校名、学校编号、竞赛日期及时间写在白板上让参赛学生参照。

3. 请将比赛守则读一遍并解释给参赛学生并确保参赛者遵照守则填上资料。

4. 分派赛卷及用答案栏示范纸展示正确位置(沿线向上弯折,学生还不可打开赛卷)。

5. 比赛时限为90分钟(小学)/120分钟(初中)。迟到者不获得延长时间,时间一到务必停笔。


1. 填上参赛者出席检查表。

2. 作答时间第105分钟时立即要求参赛者停止作答并交上赛卷及要求坐回原位。

3. 点算赛卷与出席人数相符后即可清场并要求学生把桌椅排回原位。

4. 将所有赛卷(包括缺席或失资格者赛卷)与参赛者出席检查表一同装入回邮信封。

5. 24小时内将信封投到邮政局或全国任何一个有POS EXPRES字样的黄色邮箱里。