ASMO Introduction

We are pleased to inform your good selves that the 6th ASMO contest was held successfully on April 2015. Total Malaysian participants for the year 2015 reached 6,500 participants. We are please to inform MASMO officially upgrade to ASMO. While, for the ASMO contest in Thailand 2015 total participants reached 19,000 and we had launched ASMO in Singapore in 2015 and attracted more than 500 participants!

We are continuously striving to expand the development of Science and Mathematical Olympiad in 2015 and for this we wish to cordially invite all our neighboring and partnering schools to participate in jointly establishing a brand new ASMO.

With great honor 2015 ASMO team had achieved excellent result in the Asian Science and Mathematics Olympiad for Primary Schools (ASMOPS) 2015. We won First Runner Up in team contest among the 88 teams from 5 countries!

This year we are proud to inform you that ASMO will be hosting the International contest of Asian Science and Mathematics Olympiad for Primary Schools (ASMOPS) 2015 in Malaysia. Top scorers in ASMO will be eligible to attend the ASMOPS 2015 where all meals and accommodation facilities will be sponsored by ASMO Executive Council. Furthermore, these top scorers will also be eligible to attend other international contests related to this event.


  • Math Olympiad contests hones good and average students’ maths skills.
  • Our Math Olympiads Contest fits accurately into the new syllabus with a high concentration on non-routine.
  • Problem sums – prepares our students to be a Math Olympiad.
  • Result will be announced on ASMO website, details ranking suitable for further study application.
  • ASMO is internationally recognized competition, is expanding its brand worldwide.
  • As an oversea representative selected. Please refer to:
  • It is an ASIAN platform for Maths Olympiad. For 2015, ASMO contest will be held in Thailand and Brunei as well. We looking forward to Singapore, Indonesia and others Asian country as our platform too.